Yosemite Private Tours

We specialize in private custom tours to Yosemite National Park and nothing else.
Our tour guides live locally and are experts on Yosemite.
We know the golden spots you will never find on regular tourist tours!

We drive Hummers with 5 or 9 passenger seats. They are high end and terrain going for style, comfort and security. Limousines, Vans and Buses can also be considered depending on your partys size and the weather.
We arrange everything including lodging or camping if you so desire. We pick you up and drive you back. You just enjoy it! And there is a lot to enjoy!

Yosemite Key Attractions

Some attractions are only available during certain seasons like the Fire Falls of the El Capitain / Horsetail Falls (February), Badger Pass skiing and snowboarding (Winter), Frazile ice (March/April), Moonbows (May/June), and if you want to see the Waterfalls you should know they dry up in the winter.

Here are a few of our favourites:


Yosemite Falls - The fifth tallest waterfall in the world, Yosemite Falls is the centerpiece of Yosemite National Park.
Bridalveil Falls - Landmark waterfall.
Vernal Falls - Though not as tall as Yosemite Falls, Vernal Fall is popular for the green foliage that surrounds it year-round and the rainbow mist it produces as the water cascades.
Ribbon Fall - This world famous waterfall is considered to be the tallest on the planet. A highly seasonal fall, flowing mainly in the springtime. It drains a relatively small area, so when the melted snow from that area runs out it stops flowing for the year.

Rocks and Sights

El Capitan - Challenging, popular rock to climb in Yosemite.
Glacier Point - This rustic geological formation is most famous for the magnificent sunsets that can be viewed from its top.
Half Dome - Watch it. Then do one of the best hikes ever to the top.
Tunnel View - Beautiful view.

Giant Trees

Mariposa Grove - These trees are magnificent!

Lakes and Dams

Mirror Lake - This clear lake is a popular hiking spot.
Gaylor Lake - Hiking to the lake offers peace and quiet away from crowds.
Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - Millions of gallons of water and a spectacular waterfall in a pristine setting.
O'Shaughnessy Dam - This dam is huge and is a spectacular sight to visit. Built in July 1923, and at that time was the largest single structure on the West Coast.

More Things To Do

Biking - There are several excellent bike trails and bikes are available to rent.
Climbing - Anything from hiking to climbing straight up the wall.
Mule & Horseback Rides - Two-hour, four-hour and all day Yosemite horseback riding and mule rides are available.
Rafting - Rent a raft and float leisurely down the Merced River.
Fishing - Yosemite offers great sport and fly fishing 58 permanent streams with a combined length of 770 miles, a multitude of mountain lakes and excellent rainbow and brown trout keepers.
Ansel Adams Gallery - Named after famed Yosemite photographer Ansel Adams, this gallery displays many of the artist's wellknown works.
Wawona Golf Course - Built in 1917, this 9-hole golf course was designed by Walter G. Fovarque.

Video - Nature Attractions of Yosemite

This video series of 16 short episodes (or 1 long) made by National Park Service, will give you more knowledge about Yosemites wonders. Beautiful footage and very informative.

Play all - 1 to 16

1 of 16 - Wildflowers

2 of 16 - Yosemite Falls

3 of 16 - Wilderness

4 of 16 - Half Dome

5 of 16 - Snow

6 of 16 - Maps

7 of 16 - Tuolumne River

8 of 16 - Snow Line

9 of 16 - Frazil Ice

10 of 16 - Rock Fall

11 of 16 - Big Trees

12 of 16 - Glaciers

13 of 16 - Rangers' Club

14 of 16 - Horsetail Fall

15 of 16 - Moonbows

16 of 16 - Sky Islands

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